Christopher Taylor Lawyers Parnell Auckland

Expert Assistance

With more and more service providers leaving large or mid sized firms to practice independently, one of the key roles that a lawyer has is to assist his or her client to select an appropriate team of experts to work on a particular project.

No lawyer can be an expert in all areas of the law, and fewer and fewer firms can claim to be general practitioners, or full service firms.

A single project can require several expert inputs. For instance, one transaction might require specialist taxation, competition law, and valuation inputs. We have developed a strong network of professionals and service providers who are able to assist our clients to achieve their goals. This network enables us to work with my clients to select the most appropriate team for a particular project. Expertise can be balanced with cost, and compatibility. We are able to select from a wide range of service providers, nationwide if necessary; and to reach outside the boundaries of any one firm.