Christopher Taylor Lawyers Parnell Auckland

Contemporary Business

During these times of tremendous change the legal profession is undergoing development at an exciting rate. The changing legal environment has been a significant driver of my decision to leave the comfort of a successful partnership and commence my own legal practice.

The legal marketplace is trending towards two distinct types of legal provider: the very large firms offering full service, or close to full service, and small firms specialising in distinct areas of practice. It is this latter part of the market place that I practice in. Developments in technology and communications have enabled commerce to take place in a manner which was unimaginable even a few short years ago. This is especially so in the legal profession. Computer based technology has simplified access to resources, and many of the traditional reasons for lawyers combining in groups have disappeared. While there will always be a place for multi partner firms, the structures that lawyers practice within are changing in New Zealand; we are soon to see lawyers practicing in multi disciplinary firms and limited liability companies. Increasing numbers of lawyers are embracing the flexible working environment that the internet age offers.

All these factors have encouraged me to establish my own firm after over twenty years experience working in multipartner firms. My clients can now enjoy the inherent efficiencies, flexibilities, and personal attention that a small firm can offer with the resources and experience that traditionally were only able to be offered by a larger organisation.