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I am a commercial lawyer practicing in Auckland, New Zealand. The principal areas of my practice are commercial law, property law and trust law.

I act for a diverse range of clients, including New Zealand subsidiaries of multinationals; privately held corporates, and individual families and their investment entities.

My qualifications are Bachelor of Laws, and a Master of Commercial Law with First Class Honours, both obtained from Auckland University.

I have now been qualified and practicing for over 40 years, so have gained significant experience in my areas of specialty, and also built up a good network of experts from whom I am able to gain assistance when necessary.

I like to think that I practice mainly "constructive" law – assisting with clients' acquisitions, developments, financing, structuring and administration. However inevitably from time to time clients are involved in disputes, and I have significant experience as instructing solicitor for counsel in litigation and arbitration. I am not a litigator; I brief counsel for that, but am generally involved in the strategy and overview of a case.

I have a small team assisting me.

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